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Zia Hameed, BEnvD, Senior Data Analyst/Product Manager

Zia Hameed joined PRA in 2004. In the years since then, he has held a number of positions and carried many different responsibilities within the company. Previous to his current role as Senior Data Analyst and Product Manager, he was a Research Assistant whose primary task involved computer programming. His early work as an interviewer granted him experience with executive interviews and insight into the survey process. Zia has contributed to a variety of projects for the private and public sectors in areas ranging from justice, education, and health to social services, agriculture, and natural resources.

Zia has extensive experience with the technology behind the research process at PRA. His regular responsibilities include programming surveys using PRA’s computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) and computer-assisted web interviewing (CAWI) software, database development, and specialty programming in SPSS. He contributes expertise in HTML programming, web development, and graphic design. Quantitative research, including multivariate statistical analysis, is another facet of his work. In addition to this, as Product Manager, Zia is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of PRA’s Research Panel. He also regularly provides direction and management in developing new products for PRA.

With extensive experience in various facets of the research process, Zia offers clients advanced capacity in the processing of quantitative information, web-based data collection, and quantitative survey analysis.

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