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Survey Research Centre

Computer-aided telephone interviewing (CATI) 

PRA Inc. has a full service, 40-station computer aided telephone (CATI) system running on Interviewer software. Using this system, our interviewers dial telephone numbers provided by CATI, and enter call outcome and survey respondent answers directly into a centralized electronic datafile. These data are instantly accessible for analysis by field supervisors and researchers.

All numbers dialed are call managed. This means that the outcome of any call made can be instantly accessed, and all call-backs, busy signals, no answers, or answering machine contacts are assigned to the call-back queue for later re-dialing. These call-back numbers can also be re-assigned according to the preferences of the field supervisor.


Online (web) surveys

PRA conducts online (web) surveys from its survey research centre in Winnipeg.  Featuring the state-of-the-art Voxco Interviewer system, this service supports online data collection by computer and mobile devices using CAWI and CAPI software.

This system supports PRA's on-line panels and is also completely integrated with our call centre, allowing the same questionnaire to be administered by phone or computer. A single database manages respondent contact and increases response rates.

Our approach to hybrid data collection – combining conventional mail, email with a link to an online survey, and telephone follow-up – raises response rates, generates increased statistical reliability, and validity and creates extremely cost-effective research for our clients.

Detailed analysis of survey operations is undertaken on a daily basis to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency. We produce outcome and productivity reports each day to understand survey response patterns and better manage the survey process.

PRA specializes in market research and program evaluation; no political polls, telemarketing, or sales functions are performed by our organization.

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