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Timeliness and controlling costs

We design our research to provide sound information within realistic budgets. Unless work schedules and resources are adequate to produce useful results, we will not undertake a project.

PRA holds weekly staff meetings at which all projects are discussed and progress is reviewed. This approach, more than any specific technique, assists in dealing with contingencies. We also meet regularly with the client, either in face-to-face meetings or by teleconference. Our goal is to ensure that the client always has a clear understanding of the project status.

The design plan for each project summarizes the time lines for each task and demonstrates our commitment to meeting established time lines.

PRA's quality control process produces tasks and schedules that are approved by our clients. In addition, all staff monitor their time so that we have complete and consistent project cost information at all times.

Contingency planning

We always create a balanced project team with designated back-ups to ensure that multiple members have the capabilities to conduct the research. These overlapping skill sets among team members ensure that time lines can be met.

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