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Project management/Design plans

Our ISO quality control process requires close and ongoing liaison with the client to ensure that we monitor and control project timing, budget, and product quality. With few exceptions, all projects have a partner in charge and a senior research associate serving as project manager to guide the day-to-day aspects of the work. This approach ensures that experienced staff are always closely involved with the research.

A central tool of our project management process is the design plan. Prepared by the project manager after initial client consultation, the design plan divides projects into well-defined tasks with set objectives and clear deliverables and identifies roles and responsibilities for both the consultant and the client in order to meet deadlines.

For more information about PRA's experience, please contact us or refer to the partial list of completed projects.

Design plans

We use a task-orientated approach with set objectives and clear deliverables to:

  • manage time barriers
  • foster a "no surprises" attitude throughout projects
  • enumerate mutual responsibilities of the project team and client.
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