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PRA Omnibus

The PRA Omnibus provides those seeking information from the general population with a means to get quick, reliable, and low-cost answers to their questions without having to finance and organize a full market survey themselves.

In addition to helping design questions, collecting answers, analyzing data, and reporting on results, PRA will provide you with suggestions on how to keep your finger on the pulse of the public. While our Omnibus is a cost-shared arrangement, each client's questions are proprietary and the results are confidential to them.

Below are examples of how PRA's Omnibus survey has helped clients. 


Need  A mid-sized Manitoba-based business wanted to gauge awareness of their advertising campaign on an annual basis.

Met  From the questions we asked, the business now knows Manitobans’ awareness of their advertisements, the effectiveness of the ads in delivering the intended message, and differences in top-of-mind awareness of the business among those who saw the advertising and those who did not.



Need  While in the R&D stage, a public Winnipeg service provider wanted to know what product and service features their customers would value.

Met  From the questions we asked, the service provider now knows how to tailor their offerings to best suit their customers' needs.

GAUGING Public opinion

Need  Directly following negative media about the industry sector, a Manitoba-based organization wanted to gauge what impact the press would have on their business.

Met  From the questions we asked, the organization now knows what Manitobans are thinking about the industry in general and their business in particular.


SERVICING Non-profits

Need  With the recent growth of charity marketing campaigns, a particular non-profit wanted to understand its competitive landscape.

Met  From the questions we asked, the non-profit now knows how much Manitobans are donating to charity, to which charities they donate, and what motivates these gifts.


2019 PRA Manitoba Omnibus Schedule

Omni Month

Deadline for questions

Field start



January 2

January 7

February 5


February 1

February 6

March 5


March 1

March 6

April 2


March 29

April 3

April 30


April 26

May 1

May 28


May 31

June 5

July 3


June 28

July 4

July 31


August 2

August 7

September 4


August 30

September 5

October 2


September 27

October 2

October 29


November 1

November 5

November 29


November 20

November 26

December 20

Note: Dates are subject to change.


For a quote, please contact Zia Hameed, Product Manager at or 204-987-2030


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