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PRA Online Market Research Panel

Surveys - Focus Groups - Prizes 

About the PRA online market research panelemail Panel Manager

The PRA Panel draws together a diverse group of community members willing to give their opinions and perspective on various topics. While panellists have the opportunity to have their opinions heard by decision-makers, all answers provided are considered confidential and only aggregated responses are used in any reporting.

Panel members are eligible to participate in online surveys and other research that may offer them chances to win gift cards or other prizes. They may also be invited to participate in focus group research for which cash payments are provided.

Panellists periodically receive email announcements about surveys or other research. Often, these emails contain direct links to questionnaires.

Becoming a panel member

We are looking for dedicated people willing to share their opinions with us. Becoming a panel member is quick and simple: just click on the link below and take a few minutes to tell us more about yourself.   

Panellists have the option of leaving the panel at any time, if they decide they no longer want to participate in the research.

Current panel members

If you are a current panellist looking to update your contact information, please email Zia Hameed, Panel Manager, at or contact him at 204-987-2030 or 1-888-877-6744.

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