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Focus group facilities


To maximize the benefit of qualitative research, it is necessary to have the right participants, ask well chosen questions, and have superior equipment and facilities.

PRA has the personnel, experience, and facilities to make your focus group a success.

Spacious room

Our custom-designed, industry-standard focus group facility provides space for up to 12 respondents, and is fully equipped with the following:
  • unobtrusive double audio recording
  • video recording capabilities 
  • 56-inch, 1080p plasma television connected to computer with Internet and DVD
  • flip chart and concept rails.


We use state-of-the-art recruiting techniques to ensure that you have the right participants in your focus group session. Our facilities include:
  • a 40 station computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI) facility
  • experienced operators and interviewers
  • expert screening and recruiting techniques.

Ample reception area

Our offices provide a well designed reception and waiting area for focus group participants.

Our professional support staff make respondents feel comfortable and complimentary refreshments are provided for both viewers and respondents.

Sound proof viewing area

Seating up to 10 observers, our spacious two-tiered viewing room provides the optimal environment for insightful focus group observation. It features:
  • electronic audio monitoring
  • extensive desk and counter space
  • large (12 foot) one-way mirror.

Kitchen facilities

For the convenience of our clients, we are pleased to offer a full-sized kitchen, accessible from the viewing room, complete with:
  • a microwave oven
  • extra large refrigerator
  • sink and dishwasher.

Dinner service

We offer clients a first class food and beverage service, featuring gourmet meals from one of Winnipeg's top restaurants served in the viewing room or boardroom.

Floor Plan


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